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Maryen Cairns is a female singer/songwriter with an earthy & ethereal swooping voice who is currently immersing herself in Australian real life stories & writing about them... in the past she has been known to write songs about everything from Warrior Dragons to Love to  Ecology to AIDS to Goddess to  Babies... a modern day Bard and multi- instrumentalist who lives off the power grid in a rainforest hide-away with a view of the sea.

Originally discovered by legendary Stones producer Chris Kimsey - who recorded Maryen's 1st single "Too Young To Die" on his own time - Maryen was based in London for a decade. From singing on Scottish rock star Fish's "Internal Exile" album, to playing around the UK & Europe with her 7 piece band (including a violinist & 2 keyboard players), to releasing 4 solo albums, to being the face of BOSE's original Lifestyle Speaker system,  Maryen has a host of experience under her belt.

Currently Maryen is writing & recording her 5th album & appearing live either Solo, Duo or with a band. in her spare time she hosts Gold Coast Songwriters & runs The Mfest - Celebration of Motherhood & the Creativity of Women :-)

2012 in Queensland


Maryen & The Difference in 1989




1994 as The Concert Bitch


AKA Thorn 1996