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Maryen Cairns is a woman with an earthy & ethereal swooping voice who writes songs about everything from Warrior Dragons to Crazy Love to  Ecology to AIDS to Goddess to  Babies... a modern day Bard and multi- instrumentalist who lives off the power grid!

Currently Maryen is writing & recording her 5th album: Unsung History - Australia
n Women
Of Mystery

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Songs that have featured: Starflow, Littlegirl, The Concert Bitch, Missing You, Shadow, My Dark Half, Kids From The 'Burbs, Another Way, Walk Over My Grave, Burning In Your Eyes, Give To The Chase, Evolution & Voices From Scotland... Today, 24th June 2014, we only have 3 songs to go!... these will be 2 NEW SONGS & one classic complete with the music video.

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2012 in Queensland


Maryen & The Difference in 1989




1994 as The Concert Bitch


AKA Thorn 1996


Single - The Red Tent

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Album "Stories From The Red Tent"  May 2012

"Enya meets the blues while Kate Bush has a dance with Aretha - A welcoming, sharing, gathering together of all women to celebrate their very womanliness with warmth, love & humour!"