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Maryen Cairns is a woman with an amazing angelic & yet earthy swooping voice who writes songs about everything from Warrior Dragons to Crazy Love to  Ecology to AIDS to Goddess to  Babies... a modern day Bard and multi- instrumentalist who lives off the power grid, this is music you DO want to know about!

Stories From The Red Tent
  -  now available!!

52 Weeks = 52 Songs
Subscribe using the form below & every Monday morning, starting on Monday June 10th 2013 for 52 weeks you will receive a private download link in your email, to download one of Maryen's tracks for a limited time. The total number of songs you receive will depend on WHEN you subscribe, totalling a maximum of 52. Songs will include tracks from Maryen's 4 albums The Pictures Within, For Eternity, Stories from Beneath & Stories From The Red Tent, brand new un-released songs, limited edition, unreleased and live in concert tracks. Randomly ordered & accompanied by a different photo from through the years, you never know what you get until Monday arrives!

Songs that have featured so far: Starflow, Littlegirl, What Women Want, The Concert Bitch, Missing You, Shadow, My Dark Half, Kids From The 'Burbs, Another Way, Walk Over My Grave, Burning In Your Eyes, Give To The Chase, Evolution & Voices From Scotland... as of today, 30 October, we have had 21 weeks = 21 songs! It's not too late: we have 31 Songs to go!!!

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2012 in QLD


Maryen & The Difference in 1989




1994 as The Concert Bitch


AKA Thorn 1996


Single - The Red Tent

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Album "Stories From The Red Tent"  May 2012

"Enya meets the blues while Kate Bush has a dance with Aretha - A welcoming, sharing, gathering together of all women to celebrate their very womanliness with warmth, love & humour!"